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SanjaryKids is division of M/s Sanjary Educational Academy Society has R & D Committee which includes

  • 1. Mohammed Saleem – Founder & President
  • 2. Abdul Mukarim - Vice President
  • 3. Mohammed Mohasin – CEO
  • 4. Dr. Mohammed Arif Mukarum
  • 5. Dr. Mohan Babu
  • 6. Principal and Functional Heads.

Our Research & Development team had established well comprehensive scientific approach curriculum and well established teaching processes, child care quality matters, teachers training program.

Our curriculum in accordance international scientific approach model which includes theory, practical, child mind development, thinking & learning process etc.

Quality child care programs promote children’s intellectual, language, social development in addition to math and science subjects.

Children who experience high-quality child care have higher scores on achievement and language tests, show better social skills and enhance the capacity to solve problems etc.

Establishing objectives regular in Early Childhood Education Development and continual improvement.

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